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Zoom H4 & Zoom H4n

You might have been having problems using your Zoom H4 series as an audio interface with Hindenburg.
The problem is the Drivers for the Zoom H4. We had a talk with the Zoom support and they responded that: 

"We have noticed it primarily with the H4 and H4n, which have both been discontinued.
As such, the drivers have not been updated to support newer operating systems."

That said, the problem is probably that the sample rate for you Zoom and Hindenburg are not the same.
For instance, if your session is 48 kHz 16 bit ... then it should be the same on your Zoom.
The big problem is, that if you change your Zoom settings,  then it will not reflect in the Zoom Drivers.
So the solution is too:

  • Unplug your Zoom.
  • Make sure the settings are the same in both Zoom & Hindenburg
  • Reconnect the Zoom.
  • Hope that it works : )

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