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Support for Hindenburg Systems

Please help us make the best possible products for you by posting suggestions for new features, asking us for help, discussing ideas with your fellow Hindy users or tell us what we are doing right :).

Knowledge Base

  1. General 

    1. WideOrbit & Hindenburg Broadcaster Setup
    2. 64-bit version for future compatibility with macOS?
    3. Solved! - False positive in Windows Defender Jan 2018
    4. Multiple copies of emails after WRD
    5. What operating systems (OS) platforms do Hindenburg products work on?
  2. Hindenburg PRO 2 

    1. FAQ's regarding Prepetual users upgrading to Hindenburg PRO 2
    2. FAQ's regarding Subscribers upgrading to Hindenburg PRO 2
    3. FAQ's regarding Users of Hindenburg Lite upgrading to Hindenburg PRO 2
    4. Transcription FAQs
    5. 32-bit support in Hindenburg PRO 2
  3. BETA Version 

    1. Failed to locate transcription folder on mac - Error
    2. Beta says it is expired even though my account says I have access
    3. The - "Go to this page >" from the Hindenburg PRO 2 BETA Now Available - email does not work.
    4. 32-bit support in Hindenburg PRO 2 BETA
    5. Exporting of the manuscript to various formats.
  4. Invoicing and payments 

    1. I need a copy of my VAT invoice or receipt for Journalist, Journalist PRO or HABC Narrator
  5. Website 

    1. Why do I get a confirmation email after signing up for the Newsletter?
  6. Audio 

    1. Missing audio files or no sound
    2. Do I have to use another app to split stereo tracks? I get noise on both sides when I use the Hindy tool.
    3. "Scratchy" or poor audio quality when played in Hindy on Windows
    4. Recording web audio - Soundflower problem on El Capitan
    5. I can't figure out how to best delete the gray space between regions? Is there a shortcut beyond dragging the downstream regions to close the gap?
  7. Mobile App 

    1. Can not import from iOS device to my desktop
    2. Field Recorder cannot record after upgrading to iOS7!
    3. What is the easiest way to upload a file from my iPhone (recorded with Hindenburg field recorder) to iTunes?
    4. Is it possible to import audio into Hindenburg Field Recorder for editing?
    5. Is there an iPad-spcific version of Hindenburg Field Recorder?
  8. Clipboard 

    1. Is there any way to add more Groups to the Clipboard?
    2. Import clipboard into another session..
  9. Skype 

    1. Skype tells me that I need to update to version 8 - what to do?
    2. Skype not working ....
  10. Share 

    1. Export/Import to Protools and WaveLab
    2. Libsyn Publish audio / encoding settings
    3. I am trying to export a session from my iPhone field recorder app to my desktop over wifi. I get a message on my desktop saying "connection broken”.
  11. Licence 

    1. Username & Password - I didn't receive a Licence Key?
    2. I never got a licence key email?
    3. Registration key or Account
    4. Crashing with Mojave
    5. I paid but did not receive my Licence Key email
  12. HABC 

    1. HABC NLS export problem - "Could not locate a suitable audio encoder"
  13. All articles 

    1. Is there any way to add more Groups to the Clipboard?
    2. Hindenburg Compatibility with Windows 8?
    3. Why do I get a confirmation email after signing up for the Newsletter?
    4. How do i log in or register the program?
    5. Can i install on more than one computer?
    126 articles 

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