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  1. "Scratchy" or poor audio quality when played in Hindy on Windows

  2. 32-bit support in Hindenburg PRO 2

  3. Blank regions

  4. Blank regions and no audio - Mac

  5. Blue Yeti Microphone and Hindenburg Journalist.

  6. Can I get a refund for a Hindenburg product online purchase?

  7. Can i install on more than one computer?

  8. Can i record a phone interview on my iPhone?

  9. Can I share my Hindenburg licence?

  10. Can I share sessions on Dropbox?

  11. Can not import from iOS device to my desktop

  12. Can not record - microphone not "Allowed"

  13. Can't complete purchase, just get popup with terms.

  14. Cancel Subscription

  15. Discounts for full-time students and educators

  16. Does Hindenburg have a noise reduction tool?

  17. Error 0x80070005 when trying to record

  18. Export/Import to ProTools and WaveLab

  19. Exporting of the manuscript to various formats.

  20. FAQ's regarding Perpetual users upgrading to Hindenburg PRO 2

  21. FAQ's regarding Subscribers upgrading to Hindenburg PRO 2

  22. FAQ's regarding Users of Hindenburg Lite upgrading to Hindenburg PRO 2

  23. Field Recorder cannot record after upgrading to iOS7!

  24. Help! How do I make my voice track sound good?

  25. Help! I have lost my registration / licence key

  26. Hindenburg Compatibility with Windows 8?

  27. Hindenburg does not recognise my registration key or email.

  28. Hindenburg error Audio: no output device. Windows Vista

  29. Hindenburg for Linux?

  30. Hindenburg receipt

  31. How can I pay for Hindenburg? - Payment methods

  32. How do I get a trial version?

  33. How do i log in or register the program?

  34. How do I record a phone call or a remote interview in Hindenburg?

  35. How do I uninstall Hindenburg on Windows?

  36. How do I use Hindenburg??

  37. How to gain more than +15dB

  38. How will Hindenburg Journalist handle mono files when applying "Podcast Standard" Loudness normalistion

  39. I am trying to export a session from my iPhone field recorder app to my desktop over wifi. I get a message on my desktop saying "connection broken”.

  40. I bought Hindenburg before the International Podcast day sale, can I get a refund for the difference?

  41. I can't figure out how to best delete the gray space between regions? Is there a shortcut?

  42. I have a project on Hindenburg PRO and my trial is ending!

  43. I need to uninstall and re-install onto another computer. How can I do this?

  44. I never got a licence key email

  45. Import clipboard into another session.

  46. Is it possible to import audio into Hindenburg Field Recorder for editing?

  47. Is it possible to import markers from other field recorders

  48. Is it possible to record from two mics on one stereo track and then split the stereo recording into 2 separate tracks. How do I do that?

  49. Is it possible to use Soundcloud as a Podcast host?

  50. Is there an Android version of Field Recorder?

  51. Is there an iPad-spcific version of Hindenburg Field Recorder?

  52. Is there any way to add more Groups to the Clipboard?

  53. Libsyn Publish audio / encoding settings

  54. Migrating all settings to a new computer

  55. Missed World Radio Day discount

  56. Missing audio - recording on external disk

  57. Missing audio files or no sound

  58. My licence is registered to an old email account that I cannot access

  59. Narrator NLS export problem - "Could not locate a suitable audio encoder"

  60. Need a quote for Company, Organisation or Educational Institution?

  61. Podcast levels - my podcast plays at a lower volume than others

  62. Price changes related to transition to Fastspring

  63. Problems installing on Mac OSX - Validation

  64. RAD Markers

  65. Record internal sound on Mac - Zoom, Skype, etc.

  66. Record internal sound on Windows - Skype, Zoom, etc.

  67. Record monitor on / off

  68. Recordings from Zoom H-series recorder sound wrong

  69. Regeln für die Rückgabe von Hindenburg bei Onlinekäufen

  70. Registration key or Account

  71. Sale or discounts?

  72. Send audio from Field Reorder to iTunes

  73. Skype is not connected

  74. Soundflower - low output

  75. The purchase of Transcription packages.

  76. The volume is too low when exporting to CD

  77. Transcription FAQs

  78. Upgrading a Perpetual Hindenburg PRO or LITE to version 2 without an account

  79. Username & Password - I didn't receive a Licence Key?

  80. Using two microphones. It sounds like we are in a bathroom.

  81. VST Audio plugins - Where are they stored?

  82. VSTs and AU, an overview of all types of external plug-ins.

  83. What are the benefits of using loudness instead of peak in the auto levels?

  84. What features are in Hindenburg PRO 2?

  85. What happens after I pay for Hindenburg PRO?

  86. What happens after I request a trial of Hindenburg Pro or Narrator?

  87. What is the easiest way to upload a file from my iPhone (recorded with Hindenburg field recorder) to iTunes?

  88. What operating systems (OS) platforms do Hindenburg products work on?

  89. When I export in mono I get silence

  90. Which computer audio interfaces for xlr microphones work the best with Hindenburg Pro?

  91. Why do I get a confirmation email after signing up for the Newsletter?

  92. Why do the Waveforms look the way they do in Hindenburg?

  93. Why is my valid licence key being rejected?

  94. Why is Noise Reduction not in Hindenburg Lite?

  95. WideOrbit & Hindenburg PRO for Business (Broadcaster) Setup

  96. WideOrbit integration

  97. Windows S-Mode - Unable to install Hindenburg

  98. Zoom H4 & Zoom H4n

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