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RAD Markers

RAD works by podcast producers adding specific time markers (‘RAD markers') to things they want consumption data on - a story, an ad or a section.

It i possible to add RAD markers in Hindenburg Journalist PRO and Broadcaster.

RAD markers are typically set at the beginning, the middle and the end of a story.

This way you can monitor the consumption of your podcast.

RAD markers are set within the boundaries of you story in the timeline. It is not possible to set RAD markers in a blank session or outside the audio in the timeline.

Setting a RAD marker

Right-Click in the timeline

Choose RAD Marker

Drag the Marker if you need to re-position.  

A marker will be set in the timeline. It will have a name followed the percentage of duration it has to the audio piece. Typically RAD markers are set at 0 %, 50 % and 98 % 

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