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Why is Noise Reduction not in Hindenburg Lite?

We do appreciate that it might be frustrating not to have noise reduction in the Hindenburg Lite version.

Unfortunately it seems there is a misunderstanding regarding the huge amount of work that went into creating our very unique Noise Reduction tool.

I would urge you to compare using the Noise Reduction tool in Audacity, Audition or any Noise Reduction plugin that you can buy with Hindenburg's version, in order to understand how much more our tool can do.

Hindenburg's Noise Reduction tool automatically identifies any persistent noise in 3 bandwidth areas, commonly called Buzz, Hum and Hiss.

In all the competing products, you have to identify each of those frequencies yourself using a spectrum analyser, and then input them into the noise reduction tool manually.

The next step would be to remove each frequency one at a time using a destructive export of the audio from which you are trying to remove the noise. If you don't identify the frequency exactly correct, or set the amount of "removal" correctly you get to do it all over again - there is no way to hear the result before committing to the destructive change.

If you have multiple noise frequencies, each one has to be removed in a separate process.

Then you have to import the new audio and place it back into your DAW, with the resulting loss of quality.

With Hindenburg, you have a non-destructive Noise Reduction tool that will analyse and identify noise in 3 bands for you at the same time, and allow you to listen to and adjust the results with one knob before you apply the filter, and remove them on the fly without having to do any destructive export.

I hope you also appreciate that we need to have some features in PRO that are not in the basic version.

As an alternative, you can use Audacity for free or buy a Noise Reduction plugin from Waves for $150. Just for the Noise Reduction - nothing else.

Please keep in mind that PRO includes many other features that improve your workflow and results.

You could argue that each of those on their own should be in the Lite version, but then we would not make enough money to provide any products at we draw the line at features that cost us a fortune to develop and offer something unique and useful.

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