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WideOrbit & Hindenburg PRO for Business (Broadcaster) Setup

This is a setup guide Hindenburg Broadcaster and Wide Orbit.

You will need Hindenburg PRO for Business installed.


Open Hindenburg Broadcaster. 

From the workspace, open Permissions. 


1) Open "Permissions" (Ctrl+Alt+P)

2) Check WideOrbit under Export.

3) Check WideOrbit under Publish

Open Publish

 Create a "Publish target" for station upload

Click Publish (Ctrl + U) 

You will now see the Publish Tool

New Target

Click [+] to Add a new target

3) Select WideOrbit in the list

4) Name it and click Next


Fill in the http address of your WideOrbit server and file format

click next


Select your station (if more than one) and state the path for your ingest folder and click Finish.

You have now finished the setup


Publish to WO server by just opening the "Publish" window and then check the station and hit Publish.

Cut ID

You will then be asked for Category and Cut ID.

Cut ID will be zero-padded so you do not need to enter '0001'. '1' will do.

Meta Data

You can edit additional Meta data in File -> Properties

Besides the metadata visible in this window, it also supports Start/End/Intro/Seque timers, which are mapped from to the corresponding CART timers AUDs, AUDe, INTs, SEGs, SEGe.


If you have additional questions or comments, then please write to 

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Hindenburg Support Team
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