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Migrating all settings to a new computer

You can download, install and activate on your new computer using the link and information below.
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When that is done, you can copy all of your previous material to the new computer. Please make sure that you copy all of the session files (*.nhsx files) and all the audio files of the material that you wish to be able to continue working on. The audio files will usually be in folders named after your sessions with suffixed by " Files" in the folder name. For example for session "Show 1.nhsx" there will be a corresponding folder named "Show 1 Files" containing the audio.

You can also copy Voice Profiles, Publish Targets, the Favorites clipboard, audio files for Favorites, your temporary audio files and your general settings. Those files are:

Folder "Profiles"
File "Publish.xml"
File "Favorites.xml"
Folder "Favorites"
Folder "Audio Files"
File "Config.xml"

All of these reside in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Hindenburg .

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