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Why do the Waveforms look the way they do in Hindenburg?

Yes, the waveforms in Hindenburg do look a little different to other waveforms. 

They are called rectified waveforms. The bottom, so to speak, of the traditional waveform is not displayed. 

On the other hand, you can obtain more information about the audio you are editing.
The light tops represent the peaks, while the dark middle represents the RMS value.
Therefore, you can gather more information about the audio.

Here is an example of the amount of audio seen in Hindenburg and a traditional waveform. 

And this is the same waveform when the gain is decreased by 12 dB.

In this short video tutorial you can learn how to show or hide the waveform display in Hindenburg PRO:

And in this one,  you can learn how to choose to show only the Peak Value:

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