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Windows S-Mode - Unable to install Hindenburg

Windows 10 and Windows 11 in S mode will run only apps that you've downloaded from the Microsoft Store. 

Windows in S mode also has other limitations. For instance, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser, and Bing is the default search engine. You can only download browsers that are available in the Microsoft Store on Windows.

Hindenburg PRO is not available in the Microsoft Store, so you will to exit this S mode to be able to install Hindenburg. 

This is how you do it: 


Open Settings. Press the key combination Win + I or click the Windows logo in your Start menu and click the gear icon.


Click "Update & Security". It's with a refresh icon that looks like 2 arrows that form a circle..


Click "Activation". You'll find this in the panel on the left side of the window.


Click "Go to the Store". You'll find this under the "Switch to Windows 10 Home" or "Switch to Windows 10 Pro" headers.
Do not click this under "Upgrade your edition of Windows."
If you aren't in S Mode, you won't see the previous options.


Click Get next to "Switch out of S Mode." The wording here may vary slightly, but it will be similar.
When your Windows 10 computer switches out of S Mode, you'll receive an email confirmation that you'll be able to install and run apps outside of the Microsoft Store.

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