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Price changes related to transition to Fastspring


In connection with switching from Paddle to Fastspring as our payment provider, for some local currency-based fees, our prices have gone up as warned in our email dated September 16th 2023. 

Unfortunately, the line that was supposed to convey this in our email of September 16th was badly formulated, so I do understand why you do not feel we communicated it well, for which I apologise.

We wrote "Prices in some currencies will be converted to US dollars using the current exchange rate." which should more accurately have read "Prices in some currencies will be converted FROM US dollars using the current exchange rate."

Our prices are set in US Dollars, and those have not changed, but unfortunately, many currencies have lost quite a lot against the US Dollar.

We did consider putting out a new announcement but decided it would just create more confusion.

One other related change that might be relevant for you, is that previously, EU-based independent producers were given the option to add their VAT registration number. Since Paddle is a UK-based company, they could deduct VAT from your invoice as an intra-EU business transaction (the UK is still transitioning to Brexit tax-wise, so that will soon not be possible either).

Our new provider Fastspring is a US-based company, which means that they are registered in the EU in such a way that they charge the VAT as if they are issuing an invoice in your own country, allowing you to get VAT charges refunded as you would when purchasing from other services based within your own country.

It is, however, possible to get your EU VAT certificate registered with FastSpring so that you will not be charged VAT by contacting them directly at

I apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused. 

Best regards,

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