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Can I share my licence?

Hindenburg Journalist and Journalist PRO are single user licences only.

Hindenburg Journalist and Journalist PRO (HJ&P) are offered solely for licensing and use by a named and registered individual user, for use as a single-user installation on that registered individual’s personal computers.

It is not possible to make these licences available to different users on the same machine.

HJ&P may be installed on up to 3 (three) supported devices that are all owned, operated and dedicated to the registered user only.

HJ&P are NOT offered for licensing by a legal entity (hereinafter Entity) such as an organisation or institution - be it commercial or non-commercial.

The name and email address of a specified registered user must be supplied by the Licensee to Hindenburg upon licensing.

The identity of the registered Licensee cannot be changed or transferred to another user at a later date. If you wish to license HJ&P for another user, please contact

An organisation may license a Hindenburg Journalist or Journalist PRO licence for the purpose of permanently transferring ownership of the licence to a named and registered individual. In order to do so, please contact

You can read our complete EULA here.

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