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Is there an Android version of Field Recorder?

We'd love to make an Android version. Windows too, if it ever takes off properly as a platform.

In the case of Android, unfortunately right now we feel we have to wait as Android OS is not advanced enough to support a broadcast-quality audio product.

Android does not e.g. currently grant access to the Auto Gain Processor, which means that it is not possible to control the gain of a recording before it is on tape (so to speak).

Many competing apps on Android have a fake gain control, that allows you to turn down the volume after recording, but that is really not very helpful, since at that point, once you have recorded a distorted sound, you cannot “undistort” it.

Another issue is with the actual handset providers, that do not provide an acceptable quality of mics or audio chips, nor is there any consistency in their hardware quality.

Equally, the myriad of custom versions of Android OS developed by handset manufacturers makes it extremely difficult to provide a consistent product quality.

Finally, due to the OS's limitations, the record monitor function would have too long a delay to be professionally acceptable.

We are aware that there are apps out there that do provide the basics of a recorder on Andriod at a low price, but we have chosen to stick to our standards for now. Maybe we will have to eat humble pie later ;).

We are however constantly monitoring Android development and will release a version as soon as we find the platform acceptable in terms of broadcast quality and functionality.

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