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Missing audio files or no sound

If you have experienced that you have missing files in your session, then most times the problem has to do with file management and not a bug in the program. 

What can happen is that the session file and the audio folder have been separated. This will cause a error when you later try and open a session and are asked to “locate missing audio files” 

Video tutorial for Missing Audio

Be aware

The session file and the session folder should always be moved together. 

The best way of moving a session is to use “save as” from within Hindenburg. This way all the files and linkes are placed in the right folders. 

But if you do need to move using the Finder or Explore - then move BOTH the session file and session folder. 

What do they look like? 

The session folder has the extension .nhsx. 

The session files folder will have the same name as your session. 

See attached

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