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I need to uninstall and re-install onto another computer. How can I do this?

First, you need to find your registration key. This is in the mail you received when purchasing Hindenburg. If you have lost it, please go to our forgot key page  to have a new one sent to you. If you cannot remember your registration email address, please write to support so we can find it for you.

On the new computer you need to download Hindenburg, install and activate with your registration email and registration key.

If you would like to have old sessions on the new computer, then move them to the new computer. You should remember to move both your session files and any associated audio files.

Now you can just go ahead and uninstall from the old computer.

Note that individual (personal) licences for Journalist only allows for installations on up to three devices at a time. So if you have already installed the program on three computers, please uninstall from your old computer and send us a note that you did so, in order for us to keep our system updated. Thanks.

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