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    We have been looking at how we can implement “delete silence” in Hindenburg. I think we should be able to come up with a solution for that in the near future.
    We have been working on some other features that touch the same area, with out latest Beta feature called “Magic Levels”.
    It’s a non destructive way of applying Side Chain Gate – so that mixing multiple recordings become very easy.
    No the same, I know – be it might help out in the situations where you are looking to reduce Bleed or Noisefloor.

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    Eduo Gutierrez commented  · 

    I would extend this with one of the biggest features from Audacity not yet replicated anywhere else: Truncate Silence.

    The requested update is similar to Logic Pro's Strip Silence, which can set a level and outright remove all audio falling below that threshold. Audacity's "truncate silence" goes one step further by doing two things:

    - Selects only silence that spans all active tracks (so it won't strip when a person is listening to another, in a different track, talking).
    - For all "silence" below the the threshold it not only cuts across all tracks, but also tightens the audio removing the gap altogether.

    The effect this has on spoken podcasts is immediate and spectacular.

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