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    We have been looking at how we can implement “delete silence” in Hindenburg. I think we should be able to come up with a solution for that in the near future.
    We have been working on some other features that touch the same area, with out latest Beta feature called “Magic Levels”.
    It’s a non destructive way of applying Side Chain Gate – so that mixing multiple recordings become very easy.
    No the same, I know – be it might help out in the situations where you are looking to reduce Bleed or Noisefloor.

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    Seth Johnson commented  · 

    Magic Levels seems like a great addition but I feel that it misses the mark on the requested feature. Specifically when doing double ender recordings you will run into issues with audio drift. Even with the same recording settings differences in CPU timing will lead to audio separating over longer periods of time. I've had some recordings get to be 2-3 seconds off toward the end.

    It also is not forgiving when it comes to latency and having to edit around those types of issues. I end up spending more time tweaking than anything else.

    There are some situations where Magic Levels would be amazing to use and I imagine those users are very satisfied with the result. However in my workflow, I really just need to clear out the regions where people arent talking and adjust the audio tracks from there. Someone earlier mentioned Ferrite (iOS) and they have implemented the exact feature. Here's a video how that looks when editing podcasts.

    That's a great workflow but at the end of the day Hindenburg is still better even if I have to manually edit out the spaces between voices. I've gotten pretty good at it but I'd love to see this feature implemented so I can edit faster.

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