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    We have been looking at how we can implement “delete silence” in Hindenburg. I think we should be able to come up with a solution for that in the near future.
    We have been working on some other features that touch the same area, with out latest Beta feature called “Magic Levels”.
    It’s a non destructive way of applying Side Chain Gate – so that mixing multiple recordings become very easy.
    No the same, I know – be it might help out in the situations where you are looking to reduce Bleed or Noisefloor.

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    Elsewhere & Beyond commented  · 

    To add my voice to this thread (considering it was recently commented on this year).

    During the pandemic it's becoming increasingly important for participants of my podcasts to record from their own homes and for them to then send their stem files to me for editing.

    I work with projects and discussions that last for up to 3 hours and that need to be tightened down to a neat 40 to 80 minutes. I adore all of the ease and simplicity of Hindenburg, but I'm heartbroken the one feature I need the most is missing.

    Professionally, strip silence is the ultimate way to isolate non-essential content easily without having to slice and cut at every silence to create separate regions. A task that can take multiple days of work, depending on the number of participants.

    Once this feature is added I can finally invest in Hindenburg and move away from using Logic Pro, but until then it's too severe of a feature to be missing.

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