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Solved! - False positive in Windows Defender Jan 2018

Unfortunately, Windows Defender was a little too defensive lately, and decided to label the latest build (Version 1.66, Build 2180) of Hindenburg.exe as a trojan. This of course was a false positive. Some unlucky users were affected by this when trying to download and install the latest update. We immediately submitted a request to Microsoft to remove the file from their virus database, and it looks like the file is no longer identified as a positive. If you experience something else you are very welcome to write to us on support, so we can follow the development. But first, be sure to have the latest version of Defender and the latest virus definitions. Please follow these steps to ensure that:

1) Get all the latest updates for Windows (this includes Windows Defender).
     - Go to "Settings" (Accessible by searching in the search field next to the Start menu button, bottom left corner of the screen, search for "Settings")
    - Click "Update and Security"
    - Click gray button "Check for updates"
    - Let the machine restart if it needs to

2) Update virus definitions in Windows Defender
    - Go to "Settings" -> "Update and Security"
    - Click on "Windows Defender" in the leftmost column
    - Click gray button "Open Windows Defender Security Center"
    - Click "Virus and threat protection"
    - Click "Protection settings"
    - Click gray button "Check for updates"

Choose one of 3a) and 3b) below

3a) Update Hindenburg Journalist from within the program
    - Open Hindenburg Journalist
    - Select "Help" -> "Check for update" from the menu
    - Be sure to have "Automatically" selected to allow for getting all future updates as fast as possible
    - Click "Check for update"
    - Follow the instructions to finish the update

or, if you don't have a working version of Hindenburg Journalist installed and running on your machine,

3b) Update/install Hindenburg Journalist from a downloaded installer
    - Open a web browser and go to
    - Input Registration Email and Licence Key according to your Licence Information email sent from us when you purchased the product or requested a trial licence
    - Click blue button "Download for Windows"
    - Start the installer by clicking "Open", "Run", or by double-clicking it in the folder you downloaded to (usually the "Downloads" folder in you user directory).

If everything goes well, the latest version should now be installed correctly.

4) Run Hindenburg Journalist and get creative....

If there still are problems in getting the latest version of Hindenburg Journalist installed correctly, please contact support on and we will be happy to help you.

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