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I need a copy of my VAT invoice or receipt for Journalist, Journalist PRO or HABC Narrator

Hindenburg uses a "Merchant of record" company called Paddle to handle all invoicing and payment in our webshop on our behalf.

The reason is that new regulations mean that we have to charge and pay local consumer taxes (often called VAT, Sales Tax, MwSt, GST, Moms or similar) around the world and this is very difficult to manage for a small company like Hindenburg. 

For that reason, your receipt or invoice is issued by Paddle, who is the legal handler of the sales transaction between you and Hindenburg. This is a very common system for online sales.

When you licensed Hindenburg, you would therefore have received your receipt as an email from

If you cannot find your receipt, please contact Paddle support at

Please note that Hindenburg Journalist and Journalist PRO, our base products, are designed and licensed for personal use, for a single user only. They cannot be licensed by an organisation or company nor can they be passed on to or shared with any other users.

However we do make an allowance for single-person companies that are VAT registered to licence them via our website.

If are looking to license Hindenburg for a company or organisation with more than one employee, please contact us at

Best regards,
Hindenburg Support Team
Twitter: HindenburgNews
Facebook: Hindenburg News

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