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Failed to locate transcription folder on mac - Error

Do you have this issue?
Upon installing Hindenburg PRO 2 BETA, the folder for transcription was not not correctly created.

To find out if the folder is missingthe folder, please go to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Hindenburg/

Please do the following steps:

- If you cannot locate a folder named "Transcription" here.
- Please close Hindenburg PRO 2 BETA
- Delete the APP
- And then re-install via the .pkg.

If this does not create the "Transcription"-folder, please contact support.

Thank you for participating in the BETA.
If you have any comments or bug reporting regarding the BETA, please contact us via the support channel.
Even if we don't get around to answer every email, we do read all of them and all your help is very much appreciated.
Thank you.
- The Hindenburg Team

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