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How to gain more than +15dB

In Hindenburg 1.x, you had the option to gain you audio track with up to +15dB.
This, however, is not always sufficient, especially when working with 32-bit resolution.
Therefore, we have, from the 2512 build of Hindenburg PRO 2 BETA, added the function of properties gaining of up to +30 dB, which does not interfere with the auto levelling.
This type of properties gaining can be done like this;

- Right-click on an audio clip,
- choose properties and set the gain up to +30dB or down to -30dB.

Thank you for participating in the BETA.
If you have any comments or bug reporting regarding the BETA, please contact us via the support channel,
Even if we don't get around to answer every email, we do read all of them and all your help is very much appreciated.
Thank you.
- The Hindenburg Team

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