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Upgrading a Perpetual Hindenburg PRO or LITE to version 2 without an account

If you licensed a Perpetual version 1 Hindenburg PRO or Lite before November 2021, you will not have an existing account on our website. 

You will still be using the version that is activated by a licence key.

We currently do not have a solution to allow you to register an old licence key-based licence to an account, which would ideally give you access to the upgrade options and discounts that we can offer you (we're working on it).

But there is a workaround to get the discount:

If you have PRO, go to the "Upgrade" page to see your upgrade and discount options:

If you have LITE, go to the "Upgrade" page to see your upgrade and discount options: 

From there, you can go through the process of subscribing to the version of Hindenburg PRO you would like as if you are a new customer, then send your receipt to to get a refund of the discount you are eligible for. 

We apologise for the inconvenience, we are working as fast as we can to make this easier. 

Thank you,
Hindenburg Support Team
Twitter: HindenburgNews
Facebook: Hindenburg News

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